The Birkhäuser-Oeri Foundation was established in 1992 by the two descendants of the artist Peter Birkhäuser and Sibylle Birkhäuser-Oeri, Eva Wertenschlag-Birkhäuser and Kaspar Birkhäuser. They then handed over almost the entire estate of their parents' work to the Foundation.

Since then, the foundation has been operating with a small, unpaid board of trustees, which also includes descendants of the second and third generations of the family, supported by helpers and benefactors.

Fortunately, the foundation owns a large part of Peter Birkhäuser's graphic and painterly works, i.e. a comprehensive ensemble, as well as valuable foundations and personal notes. The same applies to Sibylle Birkhäuser-Oeri. A small selection of graphic works by Peter Birkhäuser have been in the possession of the Swiss National Museum in Zurich since 2021.

Until 2022, the Foundation's collection was stored in Peter Birkhäuser's former studio, which is privately owned by the family. Since November 2023, the Foundation has rented larger premises centrally in Basel.


Foundation purpose

To preserve the work and the foundations for it of Peter Birkhäuser and Sibylle Birkhäuser-Oeri as a coherent whole.
To make the work accessible to interested parties and the public.