Satirical drawings in the «Nebelspalter», Rorschach 1927-1930.

Advertising posters, 1934 until ca. 1960, multiply decorated, some are still in use (e.g. the pencil of Globus).

Advertisements of all kind (signets, Ex Libris, calendars, emblems et cetera) and graphical letterings (for faces of buildings, business documents, state documents, books, et cetera), own roman type, 1934 until ca. 1970.

Wall paintings in houses in Basel (together with Niklaus Stoeckli): quarters of the Zofingia (in the Breo, St. Johannsvorstadt), restaurant Grüner Heinricht and «medical plants» in the administrative building of Hoffman-La Roche, 1931-1936. Reliefs of metal and plastic: Restaurant Zum Barfüsser, Basel, building of the church congregation in Dornach SO, Research institute for chemistry and physics, ERA, Brussels, and emblem of the Birkhäuser Verlag Basel, ca. 1955-1965.