Two recent articles on dream paintings

M.-L. von Franz who was the analyst of Peter Birkhäuser for 24 years said in her funeral address: “His pictures are not expressions of his own personal problems; rather something seeks to be revealed in them which is stirring in the depths of the collective unconscious, in all the people of our time. But, for that very reason, they are not easy to construe, they exist, and demand to be experienced.”

Investigating the meaning of paintings by Peter Birkhäuser expressing dreams and visions is an ongoing work and can be done in many different perspectives. Two recent articles by Eva Wertenschlag are new approaches in order to understand the messages from the objective psyche carefully elaborated in Peter Birkäuser’s art: The first treat the painting "The Wanderer" (1956) and the second has the title *What is the Great Dream?"

The Wanderer

What is the Great Dream?

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