New location to house the Birkhäuser oeuvre

The Foundation is looking for a new home for the physical legacy of Peter and Sibylle Birkhäuser-Oeri. Currently, the paintings, oil pastel drawings, graphical works, etc. are stored in the former studio of Peter Birkhäuser in Binningen, Switzerland. There are two reasons for a change now. First, the family that owns the building has decided to use the studio for other purposes in the future. This will ensure that the interests of the Foundation and the family are disentangled. Secondly, there is currently a moisture problem in the room, and to eliminate it would require structural modifications to the studio. The Foundation is presently facing a rather extraordinary challenge. We are looking for a new location suitable to store and also to present and exhibit the work. We would like to keep it accessible to interested visitors should the occasion present itself. Do you have any suggestions in this regard or possible contacts that might assist us in this matter? Would you like to support us? We are looking forward to all comments and helpful suggestions! Thank you so much.


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