Presentation "The Insect and the Dark Sun" (Kopie)

December 12, 2021, 11 an -1 pm PST, online (Zoom), C.G Jung Club of Orange County (USA)

Public presentation by Eva Wertenschlag-Birkhäuser

Sun of the Night, 1966-72

This presentation will provide an experience of the dreams and paintings of the Swiss artist Peter Birkhäuser (1911-1976).  A unique aspect of Birkhäuser’s paintings is that they express a modern individual’s call by the inner world. During his life, the neuroses and depression that afflicted him became an opening to the creative power of the objective psyche. Birkhäuser was given new life and meaning by allowing this unknown factor to express itself on canvas. Who is this unknown guest, that sometimes takes the shape of an insect? It turns out to be the completely “other” who fertilizes the soul. Its dark eye seems to be the sun in its nocturnal state when the light is reborn.


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