In her book Sibylle Birkhäuser-Oeri interprets well known fairy tales which are all focussing on the mother archetype. Each fairy tale reflects a different side of the Great Mother as a force in the human psyche and shows how it influences the life of people. She is behind what we commonly know as the mother complex. Depending on our attitude or constellations she is experienced as a unconscious creator, like in a depression or addiction, or as life giving, creative force. She also manifests herself in love life.

Sibylle Birkhäuser combines her interpretations predominantly with issues around love and questions about the creativity of today's people. She uses lots of real-life examples from her analytical practice. The relationship with the body and sexual drive and with nature in general is also issues she explored. She sees the fairy tales as an ancient treasure trove of healing wisdom about dealing with the Great Mother.

Grimm's fairy tales that are discussed in detail include: "Snowhite", "Jorinde and Joringel", "Brother and Sister", "The Drummer", "Rapunzel", and many more.